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Meet Paul Nixon, the voice behind the podcast's introduction and the audio and visual wiz behind all of what's produced in the podcast. With a voice that resonates and leaves a lasting impact, Paul is more than just a voice artist...

Beyond his contributions to What's Up ABQ, Paul is a seasoned professional in the realm of voiceovers. His vocal versatility and rich timbre have led him to work on a spectrum of projects, from commercials to narrations, bringing scripts to life with his distinct flair.

When he's not behind the mic, Paul enjoys immersing himself in the charm of New Mexico (ask him about his collection of New Mexico memorabilia). If you're curious to experience his artistry firsthand, explore his captivating voiceovers at and discover his band, "The Big Cats" on Soundcloud.


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Lindsey is an enthusiastic people person who loves New Mexico and Podcasting! She is a mom and wife and enjoys music, writing, art and chatting up strangers at the grocery store. She faithfully burns Zozobra once a year and has made Albuquerque her home. When she’s not making podcasts, or art or jewelry, she is usually camped out at her local coffee shop planning her next creative project.


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Things Lorenzo loves about New Mexico: mountain peaks, river valleys, tamales, sopapillas, red chile, cool fall evenings...

The list goes on an on.

Lorenzo's from this place originally. Don't know who the first ancestor was, but he's still here doing his thing, whatever that is.